CEO-Student Activities - Activities
【NEW】【NOW OPEN】Chongqing Green Winter Camp 2021
Date: 21 - 26 December 2021
Quota: 10
Eligibility: Full-time CUHK students (Priority will be given to Hong Kong locals)
Application Deadline: by Noon, 1 November 2021
Remarks: In view of the epidemic situation, the event organiser concerned may consider the latest development of the epidemic situation and anti-epidemic measures, activity arrangements and their individual circumstances, the organizer reserves all rights to change the activity to be held online, cancelled or postponed.
【NEW】【NOW OPEN】The 7th College Student Case Study Competition of City Governance
Date: October 2021 (Activity date and schedule are to be confirmed)
Quota: No upper limit to participant quota but each team should consist of 4 members in order to sign up for the competition
Eligibility: Full-time CUHK Students (Priority will be given to Hong Kong local students)
Application Status: by noon, 30 September 2021
Remarks: Each team should complete the webform provided by CEO as well as the online application form provided by the organizer by the registration deadline


【NEW】【NOW OPEN】China-UK Higher Education Young Talent Alliance
Application Deadline: 5 September 2021
Registration: Please click here
(This programme is NOT organized by CEO; for enquiry, please contact the organizer directly)
【NEW】【NOW OPEN】Community Elderly Service Camp for Hong Kong Students
Date: 16 - 30 December 2021
Quota: 15
Eligibility: Full-time CUHK Students (Priority will be given to Hong Kong and Macau local students)
Internal Application Deadline: by Noon, 30 November 2021