CEO-Student Activities - Funding

Funding Support

Ministry of Education Ten Thousand Student Interflow Programme

To promote exchange and collaboration among Hong Kong and mainland institutions and to enable local students to gain a thorough understanding of mainland China, the Ten Thousand Student Interflow Programme which supports students of CUHK and other local tertiary institutions to participate in various kinds of experiential learning programmes in mainland China.  Such activities may include exchange programmes, short-term courses, thematic studies, internships, research placement, competitions, service-learning programmes, visits and cultural exploration trips.  Under otherwise specified, participants of these activities can have their local group expenses waived and supported, which may include the fees of dining, accommodation, transportation, learning activities and visits, while they have to pay for the round-trip travel cost and other personal expenses at the destination.  


Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange to Belt and Road Regions (SSEBR)

The Scheme is funded by the Education Bureau of HKSAR. Students who meet certain requirements and who are on eligible non-local learning programmes can apply for a subsidy under SSEBR. Click here for more details.


Taiwan Collaboration Fund

Administered by CEO, this Scheme aims to subsidise full-time CUHK students participating in short-term internship or learning programmes which take place in Taiwan and are coordinated by CEO.  Each successful applicant will receive a subsidy of the travel cost for the programme up to $2,000, and will be able to benefit from the Scheme once only during their entire period of study.  Due to limited funding and quota, applications are NOT guaranteed to be successful.  CEO will accept applications from those CUHK full-time students who:

  1. participated in the student interflow activities to Taiwan coordinated by our Office (except those students with airfare already supported by Taiwan organisers);
  2. followed CEO's instructions when buying the flight tickets;
  3. fulfilled the programme requirements set by the host university / organisation and those by CEO (including but not limited to submission of sharing / reflection articles, photos, videos and questionnaires to CEO within one week upon programme completion, details of which will be announced at our pre-departure briefing session); AND
  4. submitted required supporting documents (including but not limited to original copies of flight ticket receipts and boarding passes; electronic copies must be submitted together with a signed declaration; photocopies or late submissions will NOT be accepted) within one week upon programme completion.


Other Scholarships and Financial Aid

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid offers a number of scholarships, prizes and academic awards to give due recognition to CUHK students who have demonstrated academic excellence and outstanding performance in other areas, such as creativity, community services and leadership.  The University also provides bursaries and loans to help eligible students with financial need.