1. Strategic Collaboration

Establish strategic partnership between the University and institutions in the mainland and Taiwan, especially to develop collaboration projects with key partners

2. Students and Experience

Organize student interflow programs rangeing from study programme, cultural explosures, service learning and academic competitions to provide CUHK students with different explosures to obtain knowledge from the motherland and to have interaction with mainland and Taiwan students.

3. Faculty Mobility and Academic Exchange

i) Manage various staff mobility schemes and visitor programs to facilitate and encourage the university community to engage in various academic exchange initiatives.

ii) Organize a wide variety of academic exchange and executive exchange activities.

4. Partnership and Linkages

Link up the University, the academic and administrative units with institutions in the mainland and Taiwan so as to develop partnership and linkages; execute policies formulated by the Committee on Academic Links.

5. Visits

Receive incoming visits and arrange outgoing trips to build up and maintain linkage with mainland and Taiwan institutions.

6. Curriculum Development

Develop collaborative academic program offerings with partner institutions to provide high quality education in the Mainland and Hong Kong.

7. Information Flow and Promotional Activities

Provide the latest information and enhance communication with Mainland China and Taiwan.