CU in Mainland & Taiwan (Outgoing Programmes)

OALC aspires to strive for and provide different experiential learning and exchange opportunities for CUHK students, in close collaboration with various mainland and Taiwan institutions.  CUHK students get to know more about the latest political, economic, social and cultural development of mainland China and Taiwan, while interacting with local staff and students and making new friends via a wide range of meaningful activities.  Details can be found here or via the link below:

- Ministry of Education Ten Thousand Student Interflow Programme
- Challenge Cup: National Competition of the Chinese College Students Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Achievement

Below are snapshots and highlights of previous programmes:

32090 1 黃誠傑_世博展館氣如虹 麥偉樑_長白山各大院校團體照 李小茹_希望之夏 李小茹_Hi, Saint Sophia Cathedral! 曾施穎_天池倩影 YunnanL LLam Sau Wa_在極度寒冷的冰雪大世界合照 HaKwanTsun_What a coincident to meet a newly-wed couple in our hotel.jpg 的副本